Meet the tech team

Our technicians are vetted and screened before joining trufyx to ensure your safety and the quality of the repair & parts.
Technicians must be Level 2 & Level 3 certified to be on the trufyx team (no, we do not accept people who just learned from YouTube, though we admire the diligence)

Our service pillars



First and foremost:

quality repair and top-grade parts.



Because your day is already ruined:

and no one should add to that.



Phone repair CAN be effortless:

We can prove it.

Vetting process

  • Verified experience 3 years minimum
  • Certified parts sources
  • Personal interview
  • Background check
Image to download - web

Has a trufyx badge.

Has a friendly smile & all the answers about your device & repair .

Uses only top-quality parts, from approved suppliers.

Has a trufyx recycling bin in their car, for disposed parts.

A trufyx pro is on the way,

Wherever you say, today.

Want to become a technician?

Create your own work schedule in convenient locations and get paid on time. Our technicians have it made in the shade- that’s why so many of our techs complete their degree, raise a family or have a side gig while being a professional trufyx technician.