Despite what the smartphone companies may tell you, a smartphone impacts your physical and mental health more than you realize. Understanding its weaknesses and problems — as well as solutions — will help you stay in charge of your health and enjoy your phone, too, so that you don’t sacrifice one for the other.

Problem: Posture and related pain

While the screens are getting bigger and the phones themselves, lighter, using a smartphone will create posture issues. Maybe it’s as simple as sitting hunched over the phone all day. Maybe it’s lying down in bed and staring at it, virtually motionless. Smartphones impact our posture and can cause short- and long-term pain as a result.

Solution: Monitor your time & posture

As you can probably guess, you will be able to help curb any lasting impacts on your health by making sure that you manage your time spent on your phone. This means no scrolling for hours without moving. Every 15-20 minutes you will put your phone down and get up and do something else. This will help make sure your body stays strong and healthy.

Problem: Eye strain and premature damage to the eye

Since we often stare endlessly at our phones and don’t blink or look away to those things that are at different distances away, it often will lead to eye strain, discomfort, and even premature aging to the eye.  This I especially so in adults that already have aging eyes.

Solution: Listen to your eyes

Sure, it sounds weird to “listen” to your eyes, but it’s important!  If your eyes feel gritty or like they are burning, it’s time to put the phone down and pick up a book or go for a walk instead. Make sure you stretch your eyes with all sorts of different things to look at and that you don’t overdo the screen time.

Problem: Sleep time and quality loss

There is the blue light emitted from phones and it means that you will be dealing with more eye strain as well as an interruption in circadian rhythm. This is responsible for helping us sleep restfully and it can cause chronic problems including insomnia and all sorts of health risks that result from lack of sleep.

Solution: Leave your phone out of your bedroom

When it is time to go to bed, make sure your phone is not in your bedroom. You will want to detach from your phone about an hour before bed (the same goes for other screens) to help your body know when to go to sleep.  You’ll also want to turn off the blue light in your phone by turning your phone to “night mode” regularly.

phone about to fall

Problem: Stress related to protecting the phone

Modern phones are expensive and are terrifyingly fragile.  More and more people are looking at having to fix a phone screen or even look at repairing their phone internally now more than ever. This causes stress and loss of sleep before and after the phone is damaged.

Solution: Know where to go for a phone repair

If you have a professional who can fix a phone screen or, better, phone repair shop near you, you’ll be able to have someone who can diagnose the problem and fix it as cost-effectively as possible. Knowing that you’ve got a phone repair specialist that will help you out in a pinch can help ease the tension you feel in case of a drop or a fall and the stress it brings financially as well as emotionally.

While smartphones may impact our health, knowing the problems and the stress-free solutions can help make all of the difference. Get a quote for a professional repair by trufyx here.

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