The age at which kids are diving into the technological world is getting younger and younger.  In fact, it’s more uncommon to see kids without cell phones, now, than it is to see them with cell phones!  Parents tend to be on both sides of the fence about this. However, with proper care and attention to safety, use, and the inevitable repairs, cell phones can be a good thing.


As most parents fear, there are people and scams out there that can bring harm to your little ones.  When it comes to keeping them safe, it’s important to have parental controls on cell phones as well as limited amounts of time on all of the major social media apps.

The parental controls are also really helpful to make sure that your children aren’t accidentally getting themselves into phishing scenarios or lean phones vulnerable to hackers or cyber-attacks.

Gaming and general use

It’s no secret that kids love games. And wouldn’t they?  There are tonnes and tonnes of games in the various app stores that can be great for entertaining them for hours upon end. And this doesn’t even touch YouTube or other streaming platforms that have plenty of kid-friendly material.

Parents can limit what their children can see when it comes to the games of course. There are many app store listings that have kid-friendly games. These often blend in the fun of a game with educational aspects built right in so that children are learning as they play.

As always, you’ll want to limit screen time to your child so that they can still enjoy offline lives as much as online lives.  These are great for road trips especially.


We’ve all being in those situations where kids accidentally drop their phones. Even with the best cases in the world, most parents have faced the situation of a need for repairing a cell phone. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options for phone repairs, even those fancy new ones that often seem very complicated when you don’t know what you’re doing.

If your child puts you in a “you break, I fix” situation, know that there is cost-effective and accessible help to make your/their smartphone brand new again and it will bring the convenience and trust of knowing that you don’t need to immediately shell out the money for a brand new phone every time.

Since there is no stopping the march of technology, it only stands to reason that kids are going to be requesting phone access sooner and sooner. Whether you choose to get them their own phone or share with you instead, parent controls, screen time limitations, and repair services will all be facets that you can put in place to make sure that your child stays safe online and still enjoys the fun aspect of playing around with technology.   Despite popular belief, you can still hold all of the control even when it comes to your cell phone and kids!

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