Smartphones, just like other IT gadgets, develop issues over time. Whether is it hardware, software, or even both, no device is shielded from becoming a useless paperweight.

More often than not, people opt for a new device altogether, or just keep using it with the damage. As part of the trufyx mission statement, it’s our goal to increase devices’ lifetime and reduce waste. Yes, some phone and tablet problems are not fixable DIY, but that’s no reason to avoid fixing them altogether.

We have a full hub of things you CAN repair on your own: Visit the DIY hub. But here’s a list of problems you should not try to fix without professional knowledge.

1. Water Damage

Water damage to a device could occur anywhere. Your aquarium, a swimming pool, morning shower, coffee mug, toilet (ugh, we know). It also doesn’t have to be so dramatic – water damage can occur even from rain splashes!

When water gets into a phone and remains there, the inner parts start getting corroded. In no time, the damage would become severe if it is not properly cleaned. the first sign you’ll see is… well, water on the surface. The second could be a flickering / dead screen and then a dead phone.

If this happens, we made a quick guide on what to do as first-aid.

In short: turn off your smartphone, remove the battery if possible, put it in rice if you feel like this could help, and get an expert technician to handle the repair for you.

2. Faulty Charging Port

As noted earlier, hardware problems are common to all gadgets. One of those common hardware problems is a faulty charging port. Charging our smartphones has become such an obvious task, almost like turning the lights on when you get home, or breathing (depends on how old is the person you’re talking to). In some cases, you might even need to charge more than once per day. If your battery is draining fast, check out what you can do on your own to fix it.

Think about that charging port: being continuously plugged and unplugged by cables. Original ones, 99c store ones, wrong ones you’re trying to push in when it’s dark. All of this won’t leave your port the same.

The main issue in a faulty port: the electric current can’t flow into the device. If this happened to you, get a technician to replace your charging port, and your phone/tablet will be back to normal in no time!

3. Cracked Screen

Here’s an issue almost all smartphone users have experienced at least once. (Are you reading this with a broken screen? we feel ya!) Look around you on the street, bus, or train, you’d find many people with a cracked smartphone screen.

There’s the bad side to technology we have to put up with; the sleeker a smartphone gets, the higher the tendency of dropping it and damaging the surface. Especially if both sides of your device are made of glass, which is the case for quite a few popular devices on the market.

Many of us might ask: if it’s just a matter of “when” and not “if” – why is glass the material used to build smartphones and tablets? – the answer is durability and fit for the task at hand. Phones need to withstand severe weather and climate environment, and glass is a perfect material for this (with the plus of a super elegant look and sensitivity to touch)

There is no quick-fix tip for a cracked screen; you need to get a technician to replace your screen. You don’t have to do it right away if the crack doesn’t bother you, but make sure you monitor that crack – if it gets bigger or you feel like pieces might come off the smashed screen, please be extra careful when interacting with the touch scree so you don’t hurt your fingers.

4. Audio Problem

One of the most annoying experiences is when your speaker stops working, or worse: starts to crinkle. Even for those who like to leave their phone on mute all day, no sound at all affects almost everything. No more listening to songs, watching video clips, and streaming live events, no voice notes from friends (well, that actually might be a blessing) All gone!

Generally, audio problems could either be software or hardware-related.

If your phone stops giving out sounds, check the volume buttons and the sound settings, make sure there’s no dirt blockage, and get a technician to evaluate the issue.

5. System crash

A system crash could result from an underline problem with the motherboard, a data overload, a system bug, or a virus. The common reason for a system crash among them is a virus attack.

Just like computers, viruses on websites, inside metadata of images or videos, in links shared with you- could get into a smartphone’s software configuration. More often than not, virus attacks end up crashing the system.

A good way to prevent viruses will be to avoid clicking into websites and/or on suspicious links and images. 7 more security tips can be found here.

If your system had crashed, your best resource is to try and reset the device with a manufacturer reset. If this doesn’t work, make sure you’re getting a pro technician to look at your phone and advise about the next steps.

Final Thought

Should your phone develop any of these problems, keep calm and give it to an expert to fix. Trying to do so on your own could aggravate the problem further. Also, who wants to spend more to get it fixed, and then eventually get a professional to do it? Water damage, faulty charging port, crashed screen, audio problem, and system crash are what you should let an expert handle for you. With trufyx, it is also extremely convenient: we come to you, wherever you are. Get your device fyxed within 3 hours.