It seems that there are people on both sides of the debate when it comes to smartphones, their integration into our lives, and whether that’s a good thing or a bad. Are you finding yourself wondering that as well?  Let’s put it to rest for good.

Potential downsides to smartphones

Let’s start with the bad and get it over with first.  Not only will we be able to see our worst fears laid out in front of us, but we’ll also be able to understand both sides for what they are.

  • More addictive than drugs: There are many technological experts who fear that smartphones, and the worlds they bring to us, are more addictive than drugs. Once we become “addicted” to our smartphones, it can be hard to break.
  • Can lead to mental health problems in children and teens: As children and teens use smartphones and start comparing their lives to the lives of people they see on social media, they’ll start to have issues with self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and other issues. In other words, FOMO.
  • Create “lazy” people: Smartphones bring the world to our fingertips. Why would we learn what 3 + 780 is when we can just Google the answer? Younger generations are learning that the internet is the source of everything and they don’t bother to learn anything themselves.

3 reason why smartphones are critical

While all of the above points are certainly important enough to mention, there are also a lot of benefits and perks to life with smartphones. Some of the crucial ones are listed below.

  1. They increase efficiency: When you are on the bus or waiting in a doctor’s office, you can use that time to check emails, go over spreadsheets, and even do banking. There is no such thing as truly wasted time and it’s all done paperless with the convenience of a compact smartphone.
  1. They’re fast and easy to repair: Smartphones are lightning-fast, but they’re also fragile. If you need mobile phone repair, you can find all sorts of options. In fact, “phone repair near me” is one of the most searched terms because people are hunting for reliable iPhone screen repair /Galaxy or any other model. Simple to repair and optimize so that it’s back to new, you can have a divide that will keep you in the know for many seasons.
  1. They give you a connection to far-away people: The strongest contender for smartphones is that they allow you to connect with people who are far away. From loved ones to co-workers to chat lines, you’ll be able to talk to whoever, whenever.

The verdict

So, what’s the verdict, then?  Will mobile phone repair needs to be combined with laziness make you a smartphone hater?  Realistically speaking, all of the so-called downsides to smartphones can be easily monitored and managed by taking on the expression: “all things in moderation”.  With proper control over smartphone use, especially in children and teens, smartphones can provide all of the power and upsides, and none of the negativity and/or downsides.  Sure, we can live without our smartphones, but there’s no need to!

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