The iPhone Then and Now

Apple’s iPhone has come a long way since its birth in 2007. By far one of the most popular smartphones in the world, what do you actually know about the specs then versus now?  Take a look.

The iPhone then

The original iPhone from back in 2007 was primitive by today’s standards, though it was considered to be revolutionary at the time due to its focus on the screen and keyboard use without compromising either. Here are some of the features.

  • 5” screen: A beautiful 3.5” screen jumped between full-screen use and split between the touchscreen keyboard and the viewing screen itself.
  • Prices at $599: There was no introductory model for this. It simply had a focused price tag that users had to purchase outright and put on a plan.
  • No app store: It seems strange now, but Apple didn’t come out with the App Store for a while after the iPhone was released!
  • No photo messaging: Just straight texts with no emojis or even photos.
  • Tricky repairs: Since the iPhone was so new, phone repair was challenging even amongst those who were used to repairing cell phones. It was usually costly and time-consuming.

The iPhone now

The iPhone today may look similar when you compare them next to each other, but both hardware and software have come a long way. Today’s models look very different and there is no better way to see that by comparing them spec by spec, side by side.

  • 5” screen: A whole 3” more on-screen sizes, these phones give you the most customization and also give you a slimmer profile to make portability much simpler, too. They’re also lighter.
  • Starting at $1,099: The price tag is enough to make you gulp, granted, but it will also be offered to you at a much smaller price tag when you put it on a phone plan as well.
  • Enhanced FaceID lock: No more worries about someone guessing your numeric code. You can now use TouchID for a fingerprint lock or even FaceID for a facial recognition lock!
  • MeMojis and message effects: Photos and videos are effortless to send now and you can even make that all the better with app downloads that give you emojis, Memojis for a better personalization effect, and more. You can even send songs and apps to each other via iMessage now.
  • Effortless repair: In order to have your iPhone replaces, you simply need to search “phone repair near me” and you’ll find experts in smartphone repair. It’s no longer as costly or time-consuming and it’s perfect for the “you break, I fix” modern life that we live.

Maybe you didn’t realize how far the humble iPhone had come, and maybe you did. Whichever you are, it’s pretty amazing to see now just how much technology has infiltrated our lives and undoubtedly made it better.  From its special features with messages to its generous screen size to its ease of repair, these advanced devices are now critical to our way of life.

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