Cracked iPhone Screen

One very common mobile issue is a cracked screen. The iPhone screen might be easier and cheaper to replace, but is it worth fixing?

To be able to give a fair answer to this question, we must take into account the price of the phone, the repair costs, and also the quality of the work.

We must keep in mind that some phones or tablets have two screens, namely the screen itself (the display that shows the information) and the touch panel (the digitizer that takes touch controls). On some devices, the screen is glued to the touch panel and forms a single component whilst on others, they can be replaced separately.

In some instances, the cracked screen is easily removed by unscrewing a few screws and disconnecting 1-3 flex connectors. In many cases, however, disassembling the phone and replacing the screen involves the use of special tools and equipment that operate with hot air.

If you have an expensive phone and the cost of replacing the screen won’t break the bank, then it’s worth fixing it. Replacing the screen can make your phone look like a newly bought one, and it would benefit certain models.

On the other hand, if its repair exceeds your personal expectations (too high a price compared to the value of the phone or changing the screen affecting the phone’s sensitivity to water) thinking about buying another device may be the best solution in your case.

Let’s not forget that nowadays there is a lot of information stored on mobile phones. Most of the time, the value of this information exceeds the cost of a repair or even the price of a new smartphone. It might still seem convenient to use the phone with a cracked screen rather than giving it up in order to keep hold of some sensitive information or important apps (online banking tools for example).

The more we use our mobiles, the more we pile up on photos, video content, apps, maybe a huge contact list, or store information that can’t be easily replaced. This information will push the owner to pursue the repair of the phone rather than getting a new one.

All of these cases clearly show that it is worth repairing a phone that has a broken screen.

Where to fix a cracked iPhone screen 

  • DIY – home repair
  • Send it to a phone repair service center  ( the manufacturer’s, operator’s, or a specialized company such as street shops or with online pick-up)

Home repair

If you have decided to repair your Cracked iPhone Screen or any other cellphone at home and replace your broken screen, it means that you have the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills (or maybe you are not fully aware of what it takes to replace the screen).

In this case, the cost of the repair will be broken down into the price you pay for the component itself (the screen), the price of the tools required for this task, and your own time that will be taken up by this whole process.

The easiest way to find out what you need to do when changing a phone’s screen is to search YouTube for videos showing the steps you will need to follow.

In some cases on certain phone models, you only need to loosen a few screws or use a hairdryer if hot air is needed. However, if you notice that this job requires special tools, we strongly recommend going to a phone repair service center.

Remember that the quality of the final result is directly influenced by the standard of the components along with your natural skillfulness.

Repair at a service center

When in doubt about obtaining the desired results by repairing your Cracked iPhone Screen or any other cellphone at home, it is best to turn to a specialist. People/companies with years of experience in phone repairs will replace a broken screen without hesitation and in no time at all. Moreover, you can rely on the quality of the work done.

One disadvantage, in this case, is that the price will be higher. The final repairing costs will include the price of the replacement component and the labor costs.

Alternatives to repairing the broken iPhone screen 

  • Warranty from the seller/manufacturer
  • Using your mobile phone insurance
  • Selling your phone as it is

If the seller or the manufacturer has mentioned in the warranty certificate that it offers free service in case of broken screens (or inadequacy caused by the user’s fault) then stop pondering about it and send your phone to them immediately. This is the simplest solution to replace a faulty phone when it still is within the warranty period.

When the phone is no longer in the warranty period or in the certificate it is stipulated that the defects caused by the user are not covered things can be done differently. By having valid insurance for this phone, you can contact the insurer. Insurance companies do cover faults caused by user negligence and will solve your issue with the Cracked iPhone Screen.

The insurance company will inform you what to do (if you have to present the phone to a certain service where the repair will be free or if you have to repair it for a fee and then they will send you the money in your bank account).

If you don’t like the idea of having a phone repaired or serviced, another solution would be to sell it as is. There are people out there waiting to buy faulty phones to repair them or use them for parts. Maybe the price will not be the one you would prefer, but if you manage to sell it with a broken screen, you will then have obtained a big chunk of money for a shiny new phone.

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