Professional iPhone Repair

Did you break your iPhone? Do you need an iPhone repair? Can’t decide whether to repair it at home or take it to a shop for a professional iPhone repair? You’re not alone. According to a report by SquareTrade, two mobile phone screens break every second. This averages over 5,000 screens an hour. People in the US alone spend about 3.4 million dollars a year on cell phone repairs. That’s quite a market!

Thanks to the worldwide web, the number of at-home mobile repairs has seen a massive rise. There are millions of how-to videos and articles out there, insisting that you buy the tools and parts for yourself and get to work.

An at-home repair is a viable option, but the real question is… is it worth it?

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What do we mean by “At-Home” iPhone Repair?

When we say “At-Home” iPhone repair, we mean precisely that. We mean that you order the tools and supplies, set up a station at home, and get cracking. You can find more information about these types of repairs on this website! Peruse the blog for all kinds of tips and tricks for fixing your broken phone.

What do we mean by Professional iPhone  Repair?

When we mention “Professional” Repair, we mean a repair done at an Apple affiliated location. This means no third-party professional shops or services.

What do we mean by “Third Party” Professional Repair?

When we say “Third Party” repair, we are referring to any repair services outside of Apple. Apple does not affiliate with these locations and businesses.

Will repairing it void my warranty?

A voided warranty happens when Apple disowns a product. This means that anytime you return for a repair, you will have to pay full price instead of the insured amount. In the past, a voided warranty happened when an Apple product was “tampered” with. This basically meant that if the phone was cracked open, it was voided. Luckily, there was a policy shift in 2017 that allowed third-party repairs on cracked iPhone screens.

So the answer to this question is both a yes and a no. It depends on what type of repair needs to be done. The general rule is that the casing and the rest of the phone stay must remain unharmed. You can have the screen replaced with no harm, but if anything beyond the screen is affected by the repair, the phone will be voided.

However, what’s the need for a warranty if you can fix it yourself?

Pros of At-Home iPhone Repair

The usual reason why someone would want to repair their iPhone at home is time, money, and convenience. It is financially cheaper to buy the parts and tools yourself than paying for a professional’s supplies and services. You can order your parts online and have them delivered directly to your house, instead of having to walk into a shop. All the information you need is on the internet.  Plus, when you repair it yourself, your iPhone never leaves your possession. That means no more waiting around for your mobile phone to get fixed.

Cons of At-Home iPhone Repair

Some mobile phone repairs can be easy (like replacing your iPhone screen), but some can be quite challenging. Some projects require a decent amount of knowledge and skill, and unfortunately, no amount of how-to videos can stop you from making a mistake, ordering the wrong part, or wasting your precious money and time. Worst of all, if you do make a mistake, you’d end up spending more than you would’ve if you just went to the professional.

Pros of Professional iPhone Repair

The best part about getting a professional phone repair is that it’s virtually stress-free. You take it into the store or ship it to their location, and then it’s lifted off your shoulders until you get your phone back in the mail.

Cons of Professional iPhone Repair 

The first con is obvious… money, money, money. It’s no secret that Apple overprices everything, and the service of having your phone repaired by them is NOT cheap, even with an insurance plan! You end up spending more than twice the amount you would’ve if you took it to a third-party professional. Plus, if you live in a rural area, you’ll have to ship it in the mail, which means it may take weeks to get your phone back.

Pros of Third-Party Professional iPhone Repair

The best thing about going to a local shop to get your iPhone fixed is… it’s probably closer, easier, and more affordable than anything that Apple has to offer. The beauty of third-party professional repair is that you will get the same professional mobile repair service, for a quarter of the price. It’s hassle-free, stress-free, and gives you the option to repair your phone without breaking the bank.

Cons of Third-Party Professional iPhone Repair

Depending on where you go to get your phone repaired, you might be paying more for lower quality. The service might be much cheaper, but you also might get stuck with a cheap, aftermarket screen for full price. Make sure to always go with a trustworthy business with positive reviews like trufyx.

Easy Repairs vs. Professional Repairs

This article may lead you to ask: how do I know if it’s an easy repair or a difficult one? Below we have listed iPhone repairs that are easily done at home. We’ve also listed repairs that are recommended to be done by a professional. Some repairs could be potentially dangerous if mishandled, so it’s essential to keep that recommendation in mind.

Easy Fixes:

  • Cracked Screen
  • Broken Charger Port
  • Broken Headphone Jack

Professional or Third-Party Professional (recommended):

  • Water Damage
  • Severe Damage
  • Electrical Damage
  • Battery issues

How do I find a Professional Locally?

If you’re not interested in taking your phone to Apple, you can always find a professional in your area. All you have to do is open a search engine and look up “cell phone repair near me”. Your local listings will lead you in the right direction. Remember to look at the reviews to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the final product.

For information on our mobile repair services click here.

When it comes to iPhone mobile repair, the customer possesses quite a bit of freedom. It’s all about weighing the pros vs. cons, the risks vs. awards. Is the low cost of home repair worth the risk of breaking your phone? Is the low risk of professional repair worth the high price of service? Are third-party professionals the best route for a budget? It’s up to you to decide.

If you’re asking us, it’s always worth it to get a quote for a professional repair by trufyx here.