Similar to all cellphones, iPhones to malfunction. iPhone damages either because of usage or age will require an iPhone repair. These phones are fragile, and any accidental drop on water or surface can result in your phone’s faultiness or malfunction. However, a faulty iPhone shouldn’t make you panic as you can get it repaired. Just ensure you seek services from a qualified mobile iPhone repairs technician near you who has the expertise of fixing it for you. While the iPhone screen is the most popular repair, below are some of the common repairs on the iPhone.

  • Damaged Display

Broken screens with iPhones are one of the most common issues that their users encounter.  iPhone screens are fragile, and an accidental drop of this phone from a nominal height can lead to screen cracking. The best thing is that you can easily get an iPhone screen replacement, whether the iPhone screen gets broken or damaged. You can either have it replaced by the manufacturer or seek services from a mobile repair shop. Many mobile iPhone repair shops specialize in screen replacement. If you have an iPhone with a broken screen and doesn’t know where to get replacement services, you can search cell phone screen replacement near me on google, and you will get a list of the available iPhone repair shop near you. Just mention your location when searching to narrow down the results.

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  • Battery

Battery issues are another common issue that iPhone users find themselves seeking repair services. As this phone ages, its battery starts failing. In most cases, a damaged battery makes the phone consume the battery charge faster than it used to do and takes a longer time to charge to full capacity. If the phone is under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer and repair the faulty battery. However, if it is not under warranty, you will have to get the faulty battery repaired by a third-party repairer.  Since this phone features an inbuilt battery, you will have to seek services from a mobile repair shop near you and have the battery replaced.

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  • Charging port:

A defective Charging port is a common issue faced by all phone users, including iPhone users. When your phone has a faulty charging port, your phone cannot get charged, and a replacement or repair will be the only solution. This faultiness is mainly caused due to improper use of the dock and USB connector, electric short circuits, or aging. Repairing a charging port will not cost you much, therefore when you encounter difficulties charging your iPhone, you will need to consult a technician.

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  • Water Damage:

Another common iPhone repair happens after spilling liquid or accidentally dropping the phone on a pool of water or other liquids. When a phone gets into contact with water, it causes damages to the circuitry and other hardware components of the phone. In this instance, you will have to seek services from an iPhone repair shop since there will be a need for reconnection or replacement of several parts on the phone.

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The above are the most common repairs that the iPhone requires. If your iPhone has a problem and needs it repaired, the chances are that it is one of these problems.  It is important to find a mobile repair shop that specializes in iPhone repair. Do you have a faulty hone? We are a phone repair company that will fix everything from iPhone hardware to iPhone screen replacements. Our technicians are qualified, and our services are affordable. Get a quote for a professional repair by trufyx here.