iPhone Problems

The mobile device market is huge and a large part of it belongs to Apple. It is growing every day and is used by people all over the world as well as by companies. Apple users are increasing worldwide; Approximately 365 million users, including users who depend on Apple products. These products include the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It’s also important to note that there are Android users of over 350 million, which means almost everyone is using a high-end camera phone. With this known fact, it is fair to say that more of these devices will encounter common problems. This article explains some of the most common problems with iPad and iPhone:

iPhone device

Some common problems we encountered with iPhones are:

A broken screen

One drop too much, especially without a case, can damage your screen. While it still works, it’s not the most attractive to look at and can also make it difficult to use later. We can easily replace a cracked screen in our store in less than 30 minutes and our prices are cheap for out-of-warranty repairs. So, it’s worth bringing them in and fixing them before they go wrong.

Water damage

It could have happened to anyone, whether your iPhone accidentally slips out of your pocket or you take your iPhone straight to the sink or toilet, which can overload your phone.

As long as you are careful and act quickly, your phone can survive an accidental swim, before tinkering with your phone to dry it, please bring it back to us as soon as possible because we have the tools and experience to fix your phone as water will damage the whole system.

Weak battery

After frequent use, an iPhone’s battery can become weak and needs to be constantly charged if it doesn’t last long. The batteries are easily replaceable, but their replacement requires careful handling by a professional to avoid damaging the internal components.

Charging connection defective

Ports cannot be disconnected properly. If they are exposed, dirt, dust, and even moisture will get inside, causing the connectors to malfunctioning. If you’re having trouble charging your iPhone and you know it’s not the battery or charging cable, bring it to us and we can replace it.

The touch screen does not work

There are many touch screens issues for iPhone stuck or just showing a black screen. The first and most important solution is to restart the device. If that doesn’t work, charge your device for an hour. Most likely, the problem will be solved. If the screen is cracked and unresponsive, there is a hardware problem.

iPad device

Both the iPad and iPad Air are great tablets, but like all devices, you can experience performance issues due to wear and tear. At Quick Mobile Repair, however, we’ve seen everything and can easily restore your iPad to a functional state, just as it was ready to use right away.

Here are three iPad issues we’ve seen humans face and how to fix them in the store.

The iPad won’t charge

The iPad connector is a sensitive area that can be easily damaged by constant use or poor connection/disconnection practices. A damaged connector can prevent the iPad from charging or connecting to computers. If you’re having connectivity issues and it’s not a bad cable, we’ll check your electrical hardware to see if your port needs to be replaced or repaired.

The Wi-Fi connection is not working properly

iPad is a great mobile tool when it comes to connecting to Wi-Fi networks. However, when this stop working, it can frustrate owners. Sometimes it’s just a software problem that needs fixing. Solutions could include “forgetting” the networks to add them back to reconnect or needing a factory reset on the iPad. However, the Wi-Fi antenna can also be damaged or not working properly. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to reset your device, come in and we’ll take a look at the antenna.

A broken screen

A broken screen usually happens to the iPad and there are repair and replacement solutions for this problem. Although more and more people are damaging their iPhone screen, the iPad screen can crack if dropped or if it is not properly stored in a pocket in a bag. Backpack or wallet. Depending on the extent of the damage, we can replace both the LCD screen and the screen/digitizer.

iPad screen freezes

If your iPad Pro 2018 or iPad 5’s screens are freezing, there might be problems with it. There may be software conflicts or memory corruption causing your iPad to loop.

The number one solution is to turn the iPad off and then turn it back on. This can be done by holding down the power button, pull the slide to turn it off.

It sounds clichéd, but it works. Turning it off and on resets the hardware to its default state before the crash, which clears memory.

Does it persist? Force restart the iPad.

Press the volume up button once, press and release the volume down button, and after a short while holding the power button down until the device restarts.

iTunes does not recognize the device

If iTunes doesn’t recognize an iPad, the problem may be with iTunes or the iPad. Start with iTunes.

Update the software. If you’re using a Mac, go to the Apple menu (Apple logo)> System Preferences> Software Update. Get your PC and open iTunes and click the Help button> Check for Updates.

Does he still not recognize? Restart the iPad, turn it off and on again, drag the slider, and then turn it on. Same problem?

Check with another Lightning cable, then check with another USB port, or restart your Mac or PC and try again.

Having one or more of these issues? Need help with your cellphone? Get a quote for a professional repair by trufyx here.