As all Apple users know, the company rolls out an update to its software every year, with new features, security updates, and more. The latest version released by Apple is the iOS 14.5, which was revealed on the 26th of April 2021. With the betas for the software ready, the updated iOS 14.5 version is now readily available for download. For iPad users, the updated software version will be iPadOS 14.5.

As always, there are a lot of new features and updates you can expect from this version of iOS as well, which are as follows:

Face ID works even if you have a mask on

Face ID is one of the most loved features on iPhones; but, the excitement didn’t last long when the feature didn’t work when people had their masks on. The need to remove or lower their mask in public every single time they want to access their iPhone, or having to type in their PIN has been driving many users crazy.

Fortunately, with the new iOS 14.5, IF you own an Apple Watch, the Face ID on your iPhone will work just fine. Just have your Apple Watch unlocked and paired with your iPhone, and it will unlock itself even when you have your mask on, and the bottom half of your face is covered. You will see your Apple Watch notifying you that your phone is unlocked. But, do remember that this feature works only to unlock your iPhone and not for other applications that work with Face ID, like authenticating downloads, purchases, etc.

Apps now need your permission to track you

A new privacy feature included with the iOS 14.5 is named App Tracking Transparency. This feature requires apps to ask for your permission before they could share your data and activities with apps and websites that other companies own. While this has long been in practice, thanks to App Tracking Transparency, you can now decide whether or not you want apps to track you. And if an app tracks you without your permission, it will no longer hold a place in the App Store.

You can choose Siri’s voice

You no longer have to listen to Siri’s default voice, male or female, because the new version of the iOS software enables you to choose from a few different voices. The new set of voices includes a new male voice and a male and female Black American voices. You can change the voice on the Settings app on your phone.

Siri can now play music from your go-to music service

How many times have you wished that Siri played music directly from your favorite music service rather than choosing Apple Music all the time? Well, with the new iOS 24.5, there is a new feature that allows you to have music played from your favorite music player or service, like Spotify.

However, you cannot change the feature essentially on Settings; instead, Siri will learn the music service, or even podcasts and audiobooks for that matter, you frequently use and will remember your choice for future playback. So, when you ask Siri to play music, say from Pandora or Spotify, on a regular basis, Siri will register your choice, and eventually, it will play directly from the music service of your choice.

There is a warehouse for your apps

We all have a lot of apps on our phones that we don’t regularly use or access, don’t we? There is another feature on iOS 14.5 that helps users get organized. Called the App Library, this feature basically sets up something like a warehouse on your iPhone where all those apps that you don’t use regularly get stored. Accessing this “warehouse” page is easy too; all you need to do is swipe left and go past all your existing screens.

Gaming console support

All you gamers out there, good news! iOS 14.5 offers support for Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series S/X, which was lacking on iPhones previously. If you happen to use Xbox Remote Play, the addition of this feature should make you happy.

Take a walk with celebrities

Looking for some inspiration to get fit during this pandemic? Subscribers of Apple’s Fitness+ – the company’s fitness service on their Apple Watch can now access a feature called Time to Walk. This is an audio walking experience that allows users to walk alongside celebrities who they find to be inspiring as they share motivating and thoughtful stories, music, and photos. Designed to encourage users to get active and walk more often, this feature is expected to be a hit in no time.

The fun part

All the privacy and additional features and updates apart, almost all iPhone users tend to love emojis, and the new iOS 14.5 version has lots and lots of those to offer. Yes, as soon as you download the new software update, you will gain access to more than 200 new emojis. From a heart on fire and mending heart emojis, to a face with spinning eyes, couples kissing in different variations, and even a woman with a beard, your options are endless (and fun!).